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We want to take the worry about money out of your day.

Let us concentrate on the billing so that you can concentrate on your patients.

Claims Billing - We handle every step of the claim, from initial insurance billing, appeals if needed, and patient billing. We bill the deductibles, copay and coinsurance as required.

Patient Care Report – We believe that every patient care report (PCR) must be read in order to bill it correctly.

Medic training available – we go on site and train medics on what is needed on their PCRs (Patient Care Reports) also called run reports. A lot of billing companies don’t offer this and some EMS medics have never been told what needs to be on a report as seen from the billing side of things.

PCR tracking – we track PCRs (Patient Care Reports) by their numbers and we report to the client if we are missing anything. This assures that we receive and bill out all billable runs. That way we know that we haven’t missed any runs.

Board Meetings – For our clients, we also go on site, if needed, in order to attend board meetings, county commissioners meetings, city council meetings or any other individual or group meetings that needs information on any billing matter.

Balance Billing – the amount after the insurance pays and after we have billed the copay, deductible and coinsurance as required. Whether or not we balance bill is up to the client.

Posting Payments – we keep up with each account and where it is in the billing process. We bill secondary insurance if needed and then bill the patient if needed. We can set the patient up with monthly payments if that is how they want to pay and we can bill their credit card each month. We take any type of payment, such as checks and credit card payments. Each check or credit card payment is electronically deposited into the client’s bank account. We set up electronic payments to be deposited directly into the client’s bank account with all insurance companies that will allow EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfer).

Certified Ambulance Coders – we are all certified ambulance coders through NAAC (National Academy of Ambulance Coding) We all have yearly classes on all new rules and regulations in order to keep our certifications current.

HIPAA compliance – (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) because we deal with PHI (protected health information) we are very HIPAA compliant. Our fax is HIPAA compliant, our email is HIPAA compliant and we take classes every year to keep up with the new HIPAA rules and regulations.

Anti-Kickbacks Statute - another area that we keep up with and educate our clients if we see something that may violate the anti-kickbacks statute. These violations come with stiff monetary penalties.

Medicare – is federal and is the law. Every 5 years EMS services have to revalidate with Medicare or payments will stop. We can help with the revalidation paperwork.

Medicaid – is determined by state. We can help with any problems, questions or paperwork. We can also help with the re-enrollment process.

Monthly reports – we reconcile with each client every month. We keep detailed notes on each phone call and each step of the claim.

CUBE Portal - A web page that is available at all times to each client. This is a real time look at all of your claims, from beginning entry of the claim through each stage of the claim. The portal tells whether the claim was denied, appealed, partially paid, or complete. The claim is tracked all the way through completion. Reports are available at any time.

We have an Insurance Team that researches insurance information, calls insurance companies and patients for any additional information that is needed.

We have an A/R Team that works any accounts that that have not been paid in full.

You are welcome to contact us any time you have a question. We are here to answer any questions, and if we don’t know the answer, we will find out the answer.

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